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Eye Care Specialists


Dr. Hadassah Goldberg and Dr. Patricia Hinton are experienced general ophthalmologists who have worked for over 20 years in Toronto providing care to patients of all ages. Dr Yu is an optometrist providing eye care at a number of locations in Toronto.

Fully equipped with the latest technology


We have on-site ability to test visual fields with Humprey and Matrix technology. We provide the latest in optic nerve, retinal and anterior chamber imaging with Cirrus OCT. We continue to offer optic nerve imaging with HRT. We have both YAG and Coherent SLT lasers on-site.

Excellent care in a respectful environment


We are committed to delivering the best care for our patients at all times. It is a privilege for us to be involved in your care.




Welcome to Toronto Eye Associates. In keeping with our commitment to excellence in patient care, we hope it helps our patients prepare for and get the most out of their visits. Please check back as we will be providing more educational information soon!